Are you ready to transform your days? Create a morning routine that works for your life and supports your success. Stress less when you gain clarity and control, and make progress toward your personal and professional goals.

The consequences of a poor morning experience are real. Studies show that you are more likely to have:

  • Reduced productivity, a slow start to the day, and delays in meeting goals
  • Increased stress, feeling rushed and unprepared, poor decision-making, lack of confidence
  • Less energy, difficulty staying focused, poor sleep and nutrition
  • Decreased creativity, mental fatigue, fewer new ideas
  • Poor communication, misunderstandings and miscommunications with clients, colleagues or employees
  • Negative impact on confidence, relationships, physical, and mental health

If you've given up or don't know where to start, let me help. Reclaim a sense of power and control over your days, your goals, and your destiny. More than ever, the world needs your important work - and you at your best - and now is the time to make yourself a priority.


You know the stories of how productive people wake up at 3:45 am or take an icy cold plunge to begin the day? We all do. That's because we're conditioned to believe that success takes going to extremes.

You don't have to do things because you heard they were “good” for some celebrity or influencer, or surrender to a day that controls you when you make your priorities a habit and work with your own natural rhythm. Here's how.

I invite you to this self-guided mini-course - I'll immediately send your printable 28-page Catalyst Morning Journal to support you in taking small, meaningful actions and reflecting each day on what's working and what's not.

Throughout the week, you'll be inspired to transform your mornings with a short video and hear from women leaders including, me, Jennifer Maggiore, CEO and founder of Catalyst Cos., Liz Jenkins of ABC's acclaimed show Blackish, Joanie Simon, renowned food photography educator, and more.

Jennifer Maggiore, Liz Jenkins, and Joanie Simon

You'll learn the exact steps I developed to makeover my own mornings by adding small, meaningful actions to my routine. Set the foundation for:

  • centered-ness, productivity, and fulfillment
  • meeting your goals with laser focus
  • well-being, self-compassion, and a positive mindset

Click the button below to receive:

  • your copy of the Catalyst Morning Journal
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  • inspiring messages from women leaders about how they start their days and meet their goals without stress or extremes

Reclaim your personal power and feel accomplished. Make a bigger impact. Enjoy your days. Create a morning routine that works for your life and supports your success. Ditch the anxiety. Make forward progress. Address what's important to you right away each day. Are you ready to transform your mornings?

Welcome to the Catalyst Retreat Center, where we accelerate your lasting success by promoting harmony of mind, body, soul, and business. No more worshiping at the altar of self-sacrifice and glorifying toxic “rockstar” energy that gets the job done through bullying and burnout. 

Work with Founder Jennifer Maggiore and her top-tier team to recharge and create the plan for what’s next while celebrating your achievements with a supportive community of leaders like you. Gain clarity about what you want to achieve, the legacy you’re building, and develop the plan to make it happen in a way that honors your health, happiness, and relationships.

Our virtual and in-person experiences include the blend of professional acumen and grounded spirituality required for success today – proven business growth consulting coupled with self-care modalities like meditation, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and lifestyle products to support your progress.

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