You know the stories of how productive people wake up at 3:45 am or take an icy cold plunge to begin the day? We all do. That's because we're conditioned to believe that success takes going to extremes.

You don't have to do things because you heard they were “good” for someone else or surrender to a day that controls you when you make your priorities a habit and work with your own natural rhythm. Here's how.

When you join this self-guided challenge, we'll send your printable Catalyst Morning Journal right away. Each day during the challenge, you'll receive a short video and inspiration from women leaders including, Catalyst Cos. founder Jennifer Maggiore, Liz Jenkins of ABC's acclaimed show Blackish, food photography educator Joanie Simon, and more.


Throughout the week, you'll learn the exact steps Jennifer developed to makeover her mornings. Adding small, meaningful actions to your routine sets the foundation for:

  • centered-ness, productivity, and fulfillment
  • meeting your goals with laser focus
  • well-being, self-compassion, and a positive mindset

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Create a morning routine that works for your life and supports your success. Ditch the anxiety. Make forward progress. Address what's important to you right away each day. Are you ready to transform your mornings?


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