The entrepreneurial road is a long journey full of peaks and valleys. If you're experiencing a business plateau - slowing growth or shrinking revenue - you may be feeling frustrated that your hard work isn't paying off. Or you've lost confidence in yourself and your business as you struggle to find the answers. Are you ready to regain momentum?


  • Is your business stalling despite your hard work?
  • Are you struggling to bring on new clients or grow revenue?
  • Are you wondering if you really have what it takes to get your thriving business back on track?
  • Have you lost your passion for your business or don't know what you want to do next?

If you said "yes" to any of the questions above, you may be experiencing a plateau. I'm here to remind you that plateaus are a normal part of the business cycle - every entrepreneur will experience plateaus - and there are proven strategies that will help you regain momentum!

You and your business are meant for more. Get my free eguide Push Past the Plateau and start making progress by:

  • identifying and overcoming those sneaky hidden beliefs you didn't know were holding you back.
  • creating or updating focused, well-defined goals and a strategic plan to make them happen.
  • avoiding slow business in the future

Plus, solidify these concepts with simple activities to gain clarity, motivation, and a new mindset to start moving forward today.

Welcome to the Catalyst, where we accelerate your lasting success by promoting harmony of mind, body, soul, and business.

Our webinars and in-person experiences at the Catalyst Retreat Center in Phoenix are designed for women entrepreneurs like you ready for success without self-sacrifice. We offer proven business growth consulting combined with mindfulness practices to support your progress.

Gain clarity about what you want to achieve, the legacy you’re building, and develop the plan to make it happen in a way that honors your health, happiness, and relationships.

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