Goal setting is an important and often underrated skill, but it’s essential for successful women entrepreneurs. Outside of being a business owner, you probably have a variety of demands on your time. Without clear and achievable milestones, you’ll have a difficult time making consistent progress towards meeting your goals. 

In my experience – there are four things that successful women entrepreneurs consistently do to meet their goals. 

Be SMART: Put Your Goals in Writing 

Sounds obvious, but many women have goals that float around in their head or are scattered around the office on post-it notes. It’s important that your goals are concrete, organized, and scheduled out so you can prioritize your time, track your progress, and make adjustments.

The goals you set should be SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. 

First, sit down and have a brainstorm. Think of things big and small in your business and visualize the things that you want to achieve. When you’re finished, set aside the goals that don’t directly support your business mission and purpose. 

Now that you have a list of relevant goals, break them down until they are specific and measurable. You want goals that look like “Pitch three clients in three weeks” and not “network with fellow business owners.” By having time-based goals, you’re also ensuring that you can add these to your calendar and plan out your year by the month and quarter. 

Delegate Like a Pro

Now that you have your goals in place – don’t get overwhelmed! The list may be long, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

Successful entrepreneurs meet their goals by delegating so they can free up their time for the most important tasks. Revisit your list of goals and split them up by the ones that light you up and require your strategic and creative vision, and which ones can be delegated. 

Because here’s the hard truth. There’s no such thing as doing it all. Even if you accomplish everything on your to-do list, it’s probably at the expense of more important tasks, and your personal time, energy, and mental health. And, you’re probably missing out on higher-level strategic planning if you’re handling all the fulfillment in your business.

Many of us start out as solopreneurs, so it can be difficult to let go and trust others to help you do the work. However, 21% of women planned to hire business help in 2019, and the use of contractors has steadily risen since 2014 – most successful women entrepreneurs invest in assembling strong teams to support the full potential of their businesses.

Before you expand your team, consider if it’s best to hire an employee vs a contractor. Also, make sure you have the systems and processes in place to be able to delegate projects, oversee work, and provide feedback. 

Keep an Eye on Your Progress 

Break goals down into specific and achievable steps towards progress. For example, taking home $100k a year might be a big goal for a new business owner – but there are lots of little milestones that need to happen along the way.

The inexperienced entrepreneur might hit the ground running and take any progress as a positive sign. But, by year-end she will realize – oh crap – I’m actually nowhere near where I had hoped to be! By then, it’s almost impossible to make up for lost time.

Successful women entrepreneurs plan their year by the quarter and look at financial projections monthly. By checking in on your goals and measuring progress, you can be intentional in adjusting your approach so that you can course-correct as the year goes on. 

If you feel like you need extra guidance, consider bringing on a coach or consultant for specific and personalized help. They can provide expertise and accountability, and help you craft a personalized plan to get your business back on track. 

Get a Fresh Perspective on Your Business

It’s easy to get tunnel vision. A fresh perspective helps us to step back and see the bigger picture, recharge, and think more creatively. That can mean doing anything that rejuvenates you and gives you time to step away and rethink your approach. Recently, a friend took me on a hot air balloon. I was a little nervous, but it ended up being a fun and exciting experience. Seeing the horizon was a great reminder that the possibilities for me and my business are truly endless. Watching the sunrise, seeing coyotes running across the mountains, and enjoying the quiet morning air gave me a sense of wonder I hadn’t felt in a long time. Once I came back to work, I brought the same sense of enthusiasm and creativity with me. The icing on the cake? Prospects find that energy irresistible!

Rest is an important component of hard work and is often overlooked, especially in western culture. We go-go-go. Make sure you’re talking the time for self-care so you can approach your business with an open mind and fresh perspective.  

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