Have you ever wondered about how to start a successful food blog (or how to start a successful blog period)? Then this Facebook Live is for you. I recently spent the morning with Joanie Simon, an expert food blogger and photography educator, and picked her brain on how she’s grown her brand online.

Joanie tells us about her experience in the corporate world, battling alcohol addiction, and the moment she realized she had to do something different with her life. We talk about her inspiration, and how she has evolved from publishing recipes on her popular YouTube channel to educating up-and-coming photographers, and the explosive growth she’s seen with her new Facebook Group and Instagram profile for The Bite Shot. She also shows us around her studio for a behind the scenes look at her props and workspace.

Joanie is my guest for S1 Ep 1 of my new podcast, Catalyst Conversations, which will be available on iTunes in March. Sign up here to be notified when it goes live! If you enjoyed this Facebook Live, you will love our deep dive conversation into women and self-image, how being unique and authentic can help you cut through the online “noise,” and her secrets for building a successful blog and personal brand.